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Transport, Warehousing, Storage, Import/Export, Hot Shot Services and Specialised Cargo

BMR Logistics
Specialised Services

delivery truck with packages for transport


BMR Logistics is Trucksafe and NHVAS accredited and offer all specialised transport needs within the North Queensland region.

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Warehouse Storage


We offer combined transport modes across our network to transport freight via Road, Rail & sea, delivering a wide range of configurations.

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Import and Export Services

Storage & Warehousing

We can cater to suit any storage and handling requirement for Containers, Palletised freight, bulk products and cargo.

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Import Export Services Townsville

Import & Export Services

We can take care of all your international Imports and/or exports, customs clearances, quarantine regulations, and any other requirements.

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Hot Shot

Hot Shot

Our top priority service ensures a safe and reliable delivery, and we guarantee the highest level of care for all deliveries.

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